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Lauren is a Memphis-based aspiring director, writer, and producer. After graduating with a Natural Science degree, Lauren realized her true passion was with the arts and changed career goals from medicine to film. Her goal is to focus on diverse storytelling and provide a voice to underrepresented groups, specifically women and Asian Americans.

Lauren has been working in the film and television industry since 2017. She has worked as an Associate Producer, Assistant Office Coordinator, Commercial Coordinator, and Assistant to Producers and Directors in cities across the country, including Atlanta, Central Mississippi, and Albuquerque. Her previous work includes HBOMax's "The Staircase," ABC's "Women of the Movement," and NBC's "Bluff City Law" and "Young Rock." In August 2022, Lauren became a member of the IATSE Local 161.  

When Lauren is not working on creative endeavors, she enjoys exploring new places to eat, traveling, rock climbing, creating cosplay for her annual trip to San Diego Comic-Con (she's been going since 2013), and playing with her cavachon puppy, Kara.




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Lauren is currently available for work beginning March 2023

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Last Updated: March 2023

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