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I'm Creative A.F.

A new passion project from me, a Creative, Asian Female

I have a lot of opinions on many things, but the topics of Asian and female representation and rights are what truly get this introverted, keep-to-herself girl speaking up. Because when it's something I'm passionate about, I make sure I'm loud for all the people in the back to know that this is a problem, but we can work towards fixing it.

If you are wondering more about who I am, you can read a little about me here, but in a nutshell, I am a 20-something year old, female, Chinese American working towards a career in the entertainment industry. I've had the idea of "Creative A.F." for a little while now, but never really thought of it as more than maybe a cool T-shirt design. However, this summer, I had a realization to turn this idea into a blog highlighting creatives, Asians, and, you guessed it, females!

After attending San Diego Comic-Con for the sixth year this past July, I attended mostly panels that had to do with these 3 things. And I noticed how I didn't even notice the Asian and female talent behind some of my favorite shows and movies. How many other people are left in the dark? Have we been rallying for more representation while in fact we have just not been entirely aware that it's been there?

The tipping point was when I realized how many posts I was sharing on Facebook in light of the recent "Crazy Rich Asians" and "To All the Boys I've Loved Before." I mean, although informative, moving, and enlightening, we might as well call it spam at this point. As Ally Maki stated in reference to "CRA", "This is the moment." What a time to be alive and Asian!

The goal of this blog is to highlight the works of Asians and Females in the creative field and share some of my favorite books, podcasts, shows, and movies that do just that. In addition, I also plan to have Women Wednesdays, spotlighting a specific woman in detail, Film Fridays, where I give my opinion, notes, etc. on any film, and also a weekly lineup on how you can support Asians in media (and maybe a few outstanding females from time to time as well). Maybe I'll even throw in some of my personal experiences as being a Creative Asian Female (or just Asian or just Female).

Hopefully this blog will be a great outlet for me and a good resource for you on how we can change how we are represented in media and support those who are in it. I hope that you will come along on this journey with me, and if it turns out I have zero readers, then at least my Facebook profile will be a little cleaner :)

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