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The APAHM Project Day 27: Rush Hour

Film: Rush Hour

Director: Brett Ratner

Release: 1998

Where to watch: Available to rent or buy on all major platforms

Why it made the list:

Jackie Chan is probably the most recognizable Asian actor in the world. ”Rush Hour” was his first big US box office success, having been in mostly Hong Kong films and a handful of Hollywood comedies prior.

My thoughts:

In the second grade, I made an “about me” poster for an assignment and listed “Rush Hour 2” as my favorite film. My mother told me it wasn’t appropriate and made me change it to “Lilo & Stitch” instead. But to this day, “Rush Hour 2” is one of my favorite comedies. I always get a stupid smile on my face when I watch it. Although I still stand by my opinion that “Rush Hour 2” is the best of the trilogy, we can’t forget the one that started it all.

I hadn’t seen the original ”Rush Hour” in several years and don’t remember much except for the genius line of “yeah, push the ******* button!” from Soo Yung, the little girl who gets kidnapped. At first when I was watching the film, I was thinking when is it gonna get funny, because I know that it is. And once you put Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan together, the laughs start rolling. Talk about a dynamic duo. These two and their culture clashes make the film, no other two actors could play these characters.

The film also stars Tzi Ma as, you guessed it, a concerned father. I think this movie does a fun job at showing how Americans and Chinese people view each other. The jokes are funny, the plot is pretty good, the stunts make me want to take up martial arts classes after this pandemic is over (I probably won’t, but still). And clearly others agree, since we got two more movies out of them. It was number 1 in the box office, and will go down as a classic in my book.

Does it deserve to stay on this list:

”Rush Hour” made Jackie Chan into a Hollywood star and one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors. Without this film, we wouldn’t have a gem like Chan. And we also wouldn’t have the treasure that is Lee and Carter. Also, random fact, but did you know that it’s because of ”Rush Hour” that we have Rotten Tomatoes? Just goes to show you that this film made history and it’s still a favorite to put on whenever you need a good laugh.

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