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The APAHM Project Day 29: Raya and the Last Dragon

Film: Raya and the Last Dragon

Director: Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada

Release: 2021

Where to Watch: Disney +

Wanna Skip? Pick a Movie from APAHM Project 2020

Today we are joined by one of my best friends, Jenny Lam!

Jenny Lam is a Chinese American who works as a chemist at a cosmetic start up! She is from Memphis, TN and just earned her Master of Science in Engineering Management from Christian Brothers University. In her spare time, she runs a baking side hustle, selling Asian baked goods and milk bread and spends time with her two cats and her two dogs.

Watch the video below as we talk about the impact we think Raya will have on future generations, go on a Star Wars tangent, and think about how we were our own version of Subtle Asian Traits to each other.

Stop Hate and Donate:

**A Reminder! I will be matching donations from this blog post based upon the number of likes it gets! Share this post and tell your friends to like this post!**

Today’s donation link was chosen by Jenny. She is asking to consider donating to the #StopAsianHate Community Fund.

Donations will go towards various organizations working towards helping Asian communities across the US. Click here to donate.

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