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The APAHM Project Day 28: Chang Can Dunk

Updated: May 31

Film: Chang Can Dunk

Director: Jingyi Shao

Release: 2023

Where to Watch: Disney +

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Today we are joined by my good friend Adam Buczyna! Adam and I first met in college and reconnected after graduation. Since then we have built our friendship on nerdy interests and our experiences growing up Asian American. Adam runs his own e-commerce toys and collectibles store Memphis Emporium and enjoys toy photography. He also enjoys building LEGO sets with his wife Reggie, golfing, and watching sports.

Adam and I are discussing Chang Can Dunk today and although this movie is pretty straight-forward, it is still very enjoyable and relatable. Watch the interview below as we discuss being one of the only Asian people in school, sports heroes, and overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals.

Small Business Shout Out!

Adam would like to give a small business shout-out to Spidey Moves! Spider Moves is owned by Matt Groove who we talked with about Everything, Everywhere All At Once. He specializes in collectibles, cards, and more! Although Matt does not have a store front, he does have a What Not where you can catch his live streams and bid on that day's inventory!

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