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The APAHM Project Days 12-15: Paper Girls

Series: Paper Girls

Created By: Stephany Folsom

Release: 2022

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Wanna Skip? Pick a Movie from APAHM Project 2022, 2021, 2020

Today Jenny Lam joins us to talk about Paper Girls! You may recognize Jenny from our 2021 APAHM discussion about Raya and the Last Dragon. Jenny is the head of formulation at Blank Beauty, a cosmetic start up that specializes in custom nail polish colors! Jenny enjoys rock climbing, board games, playing with her 4 fur babies, baking and cooking, and watching a good anime or sci-fi series. Which is why it is no surprise that Jenny has chosen Paper Girls for us to discuss.

Paper Girls was on a back up list I had for this year's APAHM Project. I really didn't know much about it except that it involved time travel, but they advertised the heck out of it at SDCC 2022. Think of Paper Girls as Stranger Things meets Loki. It has that 80s nostalgia, a group of kids getting mixed up in the unthinkable, and lots of confusion about how time travel works. Instant classic. Join us as Jenny and I reminisce on what it was like to be 12 years old, what our first jobs were, and whether our younger selves would be proud of us today. If you watch until the end, there is even a cute, extra surprise (although at times noisy).

Small Business Shout Out!

Jenny would like to give a shout-out to Makku. Makku was founded by Carol Pak, who was re-introduced to makgeolli, a Korean rice alcoholic drink. She noticed that the States had a lack of this drink available and so set out to make her own! Makku offers a variety of flavors, but Jenny recommends the original! We love their minimalist design (this is what drew me to buy them for Jenny in the first place!) and its smooth texture. Check them out and find them in a store near you!

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